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You have access to a Higher Wisdom 

Why it's my mission to help you fill your life back with joy, love, excitement, clarity, and self-empowerment.

You're exactly where you're meant to be

Now is the time to get CLEAR & SPECIFIC about what it is you want so that you can BE, DO, and HAVE all that you DESIRE!

How to FEEl clarity & certainty in the Physical & Energetic Body 

What your Guides want you to know:
While I was out for my morning walk I asked my Guides what I'm meant to share today & what extended message I needed to give to those who chose Card #1 in last weeks spread.

I HIGHLY encourage you all try the exercise on:
🧬How to FEEL Clarity & Certainty in the energetic body and how to distinguish between the feelings of Excitement & Anxiety🧬

Overcoming procrastination, doubt & fear

Here's your sign

If you've been asking for a sign or symbol... here it is!

Mastering the Art of Receiving 

Find out WHAT resistance is, WHY it's showing up and HOW to overcome it to be able to receive the abundance you are in the process of manifesting.

Chaos = Growth

Find out what the chaos in your life REALLY means & what you can start doing to shift it, today.

Mastering your Physiology & Embodying the Best Version of Yourself 

⭐"The way I move my body WILL affect my mood"⭐
⭐"Move with intention = Open & Receiving"⭐

Find out how moving your physical body affects your state & what to do about it, T O D A Y!
You're gunna want to write this stuff down!!

Manifesting 101

Find out how I define Manifestation & what you need to start doing to level up your Manifestation Practice today!

Find out what your Guides are saying & what mine think of me heading overseas! 

Have you ever wondered how I receive messages from Source & Spirit Guides?

If so, then I invite you to check out my LIVE Intuitive Card Reading here at Westboro Beach

Find out why you've been feeling bored, unmotivated and stagnant and how to break through it!

Also, find out what my Guides have to say to me about my trip overseas!


Are you someone who gets trapped in old limiting beliefs or fears? 
Do you struggle to get yourself out of an anxious state?
In AWAKEN, I use a strategy called RAIN to help my clients redirect their focus to see why they're feeling what they are and what's true about it. 


The purpose is to look at where you are, allow yourself to feel or think your current thoughts, look into why and how you got there, then give yourself permission to let it go.
So often we belittle or place shame on ourselves when we get into an old limiting state of mind. 
By allowing ourselves to feel, we are creating space for the truth & answers to come in. We're then able to redirect our thoughts in a loving and productive way. 
If you want to take massive action, face your fears and redirect your focus, then I invite you to reach out to me!
AWAKEN is a Life Transformation Program that will help you improve ALL areas of your life!! 
Are you ready?!?

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