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Hey, Girl.

Beverly Blake



Kara is amazing!

I first met Kara at a low point in my life, and she saw things I couldn't see in myself. Fast forward a few months and I was given an opportunity to join her Self-expression Mastermind program. I went into the program hoping I'd gain a little confidence and the ability to consider my self worth.


My transformation in 4 short weeks has been tremendous! I went from feeling stressed, anxious and tense to feeling relaxed and peaceful.


I don't doubt my self worth, I'm confident in my strengths and abilities and I take a stand for myself. I learned how to feel light and playful. I'm now grateful for all of my abundance and success and for Kara's guidance and support.


I am now a higher version of myself because of blind faith and her ability and willingness to take my hand and lovingly guide me in the right direction.




I am so grateful for Kara for the Sisterhood Mastermind program.


The course provided a guided opportunity for me to explore the guilt and blame I have been carrying for far too long, and amazing meditations to help me release that baggage.


My confidence in my own intuition has grown immensely and I am tapping into my spiritual gifts daily now. I have bonded with a sisterhood of likeminded women, some of whom live in my community.

Patti Maloney



Thank you Kara, the Sisterhood Mastermind program went beyond my expectations. What I learned through this program was mind blowing. I learned how to
✨ Activate and align my Chakras and see when they are blocked
💫I’m more confident, more positive, and can quickly recognize and change negative thoughts and words to positive ones
💫 learned to trust my intuition
💫I have dealt with anxiety Anxiety & Depression for a long time and this has improved
💫Learned to mediate and visualize my goals and my purpose also what I have to do to make it a reality
💫I was able to connect with my dad on my own with Karas amazing guidance
💫The forgiveness letter writing and Cord Cutting felt like a ton of unnecessary weight lifted.
💫Being able to feel others energy and how to protect my own energy is epic.
And through it all she is there as supportive loving guidance.

☀️☀️I now know my What and my Why and how as long as I know that everything else will fall into place as long as I trust myself and the universe.

💞💞The sisterhood that was developed in the program is a positive safe supportive space

When I started working on raising my vibrations and starting a journey of self discovery and self worth I wasn’t sure where It would lead me. Today I’m happy to say I’m more content inside my own body mind and spirit. I’ve even started further developing my own physic abilities and learning to read tarot and oracle cards.

The mediations She has given me is some of the best mediations I have ever listened too. Having this Goddess as one of my Spirit Guides has transformed my life. She makes learning fun. If you haven’t already connected with her I suggest you do. It will change your life.

Thank you Kara sending lots of love and light. Loves ya girl

Victoria Paul


Ottawa, ON

"I signed up for AWAKEN 2 weeks ago and I am  SO excited! I have already had major breakthroughs on which direction I want to take my business in and how I want to help people! For the first time in a long time, I feel the confidence in my abilities coming back. Kara, I can not wait to see what the next 3 months have in store! Thank you for letting me be apart of your High Vibe Tribe!"

Myriam Georges-Estigene


Ottawa, ON

"Having completed Kara's 3 month AWAKEN Life Transformation Program I feel more alive. Ever since my mother past away last year, I haven’t been able to be myself, but with Kara and her Awaken life transformation program I have been able to find the missing part of me again. I feel a lot more clear on my thoughts, I believe in myself a lot more and I’m able to be a lot more trusting in the universe. Kara has helped me transform my thoughts but more importantly my life. She is a gift to earth and I am forever grateful for her support!"

Julie Smith


Ottawa, ON

"Kara's Life Transformation Mediumship Sessions were exactly what I needed. I invested in 6 weeks of Coaching with Kara. 

I loved her combination of Life Coach & Intuitive Medium as I was looking for guidance from a loved one, but also a long term plan that I could take with me. Kara was very patient, kind, and open and allowed me to feel vulnerable, safe, and grounded. 
Her loving and angelic energy will have you feeling that you are capable, you are worthy, you are strong enough - you just have to believe in yourself... And Kara taught me to do that.

Kara helped me design fun and creative ways to get to my goals and I love how her Program offers weekly 'Check-ins' and video call. This not only helped me stay accountable to the 'homework' Kara provided, but made me feel as if she genuinely cared about my healing and progress. 

Kara is a fantastic Coach, Mentor, and Medium! I would highly recommend Kara if you're needing help or guidance in any area of your life! 

Thank you again, Kara. You have truly changed my life and I am forever grateful!"

Alice M


Ottawa, ON

"After completing Karas 3 month Life Transformation Program, AWAKEN, I feel just that. Transformed and Awaken.

I came to Kara a few months ago struggling with anxiety, low self-worth, zero confidence in myself, zero direction in life, and I was grieving the loss of my father & brother. So, I first invested in her stand alone Life Transformation Mediumship Session. I was blown away at the results, so I signed up for AWAKEN.

Kara's approach to my healing transformation was exactly what I needed. We covered my self limiting beliefs, how I was self-sabotaging, where these thoughts, beliefs, and patterns came from, and why I felt so lost. Honestly, just having someone help me make sense of this confusion and to also provide such a safe and loving space where I could be vulnerable and heal was priceless. 

What I loved about Kara's Life Transformation Mediumship Sessions is that she taught me how to cultivate Empowerment, Confidence, and Clarity in where I was and where I was going. She would always invite my father and brother into our Sessions which gave me that extra bit of confidence and drive to propel forward. Kara is so open, kind, loving, and genuine in her healing approach. 

My hope 3 months ago was to find out who I was, who I am not, get clear on my passion and mission, and get out of the depression the death of my father and brother led me to. 
I can honestly say with certainty and confidence that I HAVE accomplished everything I wanted to out of this Program. 

Kara not only transformed my life, but she gave me the tools so I could save myself from a dark time. Kara provided me with a space where I no longer had to fear my darkness, but taught me how to embrace it and transform the darkness into growth, beauty, empowerment, and light.

I highly recommend Kara for any of her stand alone Transformation Sessions, or her 3 month Program."

Meaghen Desjardins


Ottawa, ON

"I am currently taking Kara’s program, AWAKEN, and it has immensely helped me. I suffer from anxiety and have known that I was different at a very young age, and Kara and her program have helped me gain a handle on myself and my gifts. I am truly blessed to be able to learn and laugh with Kara all while gaining self confidence and learning to control my anxiety so it doesn’t control me. 
Because of Kara I am able to finally know about and use my abilities. Because of her I can finally call myself a psychic medium. I now know what these gifts entail and how to protect myself, ground myself and use them in a day to day setting. And there is still so much more to come. ️💖"

Stephanie Lise Groulx


Ottawa, ON

"The Mediumship and Intuition Development Workshop organized by Kara was fabulous! 
The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb in four sections.

The main benefits came from receiving personalized feedback and interaction with Kara on all these topics, creating a safe space to share your own personal experiences. Kara helped me 
to implement new spiritual techniques to aid in my own spiritual development. I can not thank her enough for her gentle guidance in instilling confidence in my own psychic and mediumship abilities. I highly recommend this workshop to any new spiritual seeker or veteran; there is always something new to learn with Kara! Thanks again, I truly enjoyed it!"

Isla Joyce Strachan


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"The minute I entered Karas house it was an immediate feeling of ease and excitement. Karas vibe is so pure and uplifting, she makes you feel so comfortable. 
This was my first reading with Kara, she has opened so many doors for me, I definitely will be seeing her again :) "

Tracey Ramey Ottway


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"Kara is such an amazing woman. Her presence is warm and loving. She makes you feel so relaxed and ready to receive the messages from your loved ones. This was my second reading with Kara and it won’t be my last.  
Thanks Kara!​"

Elizabeth Cormack


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"Kara touched on so many points and areas for us to improve quality of life, that we already felt but she validated, which in turn helps us take those steps. Considering she had never met us before her reading was extremely accurate and beneficial."

Huguette Boulerice-Bélanger


Ottawa, ON

"I had the opportunity to work with Kara on connecting with my spirit guides and so much more. I found her very knowledgeable, informative and is readily accessible. Kara genuinely wanted me to take the proper direction for grounding and protection before channeling with my spirit guides. We had some good laughs and her energy was amazing.

I would recommend anyone to take part in Kara's workshops and private readings. By doing so, you will experience her magic just like I did👼

Thank you Kara for a wonderful experience and looking forward to the next time💜"

Krissy Bourque


Ottawa, ON

"Kara joined us for a bridal shower and provided individual, private readings for the ladies and everyone absolutely loved her. I would highly recommend seeing her as an an intuitive medium and it was so fun to have her at an event like this. She has a wonderful energy and is kind and supportive especially during those emotional moments in readings. 💖🙏🏻⭐️"

Jacquelyn Hann


St. John's, NL

"She’s lovely to talk too and I felt really good after my reading with her. It’s amazing the things she knows about you."

Erykah Diane


Ottawa, ON

"I had a reading with Kara, her space is full of love and compassion. She was able to interpret messages from loved ones and spiritual connections. Provided great insight on my current situation and the direction I was heading in. She also had helpful suggestions for healing, spiritual protection and meditations. I had a fantastic experience with her and suggest a reading :)"

John Cross


Ottawa, ON

"I felt at ease the moment I met Kara, she is a radiant and loving soul. Her gift was more than apparent, as to my surprise she revealed to me some spirit guides that helped me during a traumatic event and continue to help me to this day. Kara was able to communicate incredible details and nuances from them. This experience has helped me process and release layers of old pain, and I received crucial insights into my self that impact far beyond just that trauma, into all aspects of my life. I am feeling such peace and lightness since then. Her true gift as a medium is enhanced tenfold by her own wide open and generous heart. I would recommend her to any sincere seeker."

Michele Prevost-Lance


Ottawa, ON

"Her readings are very good."

Ines Had


Montreal, QC

"She's the best!"

Joanne Sauro


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"When you lose someone in your life that was your soulmate - the days after are never easy. I had a feeling that my husband was always around me - but at this point in time I needed some affirmations and validations of this. I had been referred to Kara through a friend and our time together was truly amazing! She had the "gift". I am truly blessed to have had the time with her to connect to my soulmate. I was left feeling so close to him and I felt complete contentment of all that Kara had shared with me through him. Blessings to you Kara."

Joan Hunt


Happy Valley- Goose Bay, NL

"I attended a group session with Kara accompanied my two sisters, Kara was able to bring relief, happiness and contentment, while validating their loss. Her kindness and compassion made their experience a healing journey. Thank you Kara you have been blessed with a special gift."

Keira McCredie


Ottawa, ON

"I had an amazing session with Kara this past weekend. She is extremely warm, welcoming and full of love. She made sure to cover all areas I wanted clarity around. We specifically covered my business and health. I was given reassurance I am on the right path and ideas for next steps that would help bring out more of my natural gifts. I highly suggest booking a session with Kara, if you are looking for guidance, clarity or to connect with past loved ones.
Thanks again Kara 💛"

Nikou Vakili


Ottawa, ON

"Kara has been an excellent medium and personal trainer for me. She completely understands the mind-body-soul connection with her clients and never stops short of giving her clients her devout connection. She is an extremely positive person and commits herself to her practice as a medium and a trainer 24/7! She is extremely intuitive and personable. She will always go out of her way to make sure clients are happy and comfortable! Her drive and motivation to her craft never cease to amaze me! She is an extremely intuitive and dedicated person. A sincere and genuine person inside and out!"

Sylvia Saunders


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"I had a reading done with Kara. Such a talented lady. Had reading done by other people. My reading with Kara was by far the best reading I ever had. 
She answer all my questions. The answers impress me . Kara. Has amazing gift.!
Looking forward for my next reading."

Sherry Goodwin


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"I had a video chat reading with Kara a couple of months ago. I was a bit nervous, but the comfort in her voice and words made the experience one to remember. She was spot on with things no one else knew and from multiple loved ones on the other side. I felt lighter and full of love at the end of the reading and ever since. Kara’s gift is truly amazing."


Ottawa, ON

"Kara Roberts is a very intuitive person with a natural talent for what she does. Her pure intuition is precisely that, it’s pure and natural and unforced. Her ability for this is incredible and gave me actual goosebumps because of how accurate she was with things she couldn’t have possibly known about. 
Thank you Kara for doing what you do and you will no doubt have a successful career with this!!"


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"Kara came into my home just before Christmas and sat with my daughter Sydney and I. Just 2 weeks prior we lost a special person in our lives, my stepfather, Sydney’s pappa. As soon and Kara arrived I felt the positive energy, I loved that she walked through my home and picked up on the energy that was there. Reading aside, her saying “there is a lot of love in your home” meant so much to me. 
Kara is young, bright, and enthusiastic. The session was so much fun, which was a pleasant surprise. The reading was amazing, John took over the session and he was direct with Sydney, it was very comforting. I highly recommend Kara for a reading, and I certainly look forward to our next one next month!!"


Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

"My experience with Kara was liberating to say the least. Our time together was somewhat different than what would be expected from a typical medium reading, in that I didn't even necessarily meet with her to connect with my father, but because I seen her advertisement and became very interested in speaking with her just because I have a general interest in all things spiritual and beyond what we accept as conventional reality. I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn how vast her knowledge was on the subject. We related on many levels and had an amazing conversation about different levels of consciousness. I connected with her so deeply because I seen her as real, it was evident to me that she was doing this because she had a true passion for it and on top of that she was very skilled at communicating what she was experiencing. We did end up talking about my father towards the end at which point things became very emotional and by the end of the session I felt lighter and freer; and I was experiencing waves of healing energy flowing throughout my entire body. All in all it was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to know more about the realm beyond what we know to be the physical world."

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