Book one Reading & get a 30 minute         Reading for $30.00

For the month of June, when you book any service, you'll receive a 30 minute Private Reading for $30.00 


Give your father the gift of healing as I connect him to his loved ones. 

Treat yourself to an hour and a half Private Reading where you'll receive loving messages, guidance, or answers from your loved ones.

Meet your Spirit Animals and Spirit Guides in your 1 hour Reading & give the gift to help heal your family or friend.  

Discover your life's purpose and begin your journey today as I connect you to your guides & help you design your road map to success. 

Please note:

There are no refunds on the 30 minute Promotion.

You have 2 months to use your 30 minute Promotion.

The 30 minute Promotion can be combined with your 60 minute Private Reading.
The 30 minute Promotion can be gifted to someone else at no extra charge.

To tack on more time to your 30 minute Promotion, you can pay an extra fee.

To access your promotion code, use JUNE2018 at time of booking

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