"My mission is to give people the gift of self- empowerment, clarity and the confidence to live their most prosperous & abundant life"  

Hey, I'm Kara! I am so grateful you're here. 

I believe you've laded on my page because of divine timing, energetic alignment, and your burning desire to feel alive!   

You're here because you are looking for answers, clarity, and guidance.

You are here because you're ready for someone to help you develop the skills, tools, and techniques so you can find your confidence and begin to live your life as authentically YOU.

I know this to be true because 3 years ago, I was there, too.

3 years ago I went on a mission. A mission of getting to the root of my pain & trauma. I became obsessed about understanding and rewriting my limiting beliefs, looking at my unhealthy habits & patterns, and what my triggers were and WHY they were holding me back from my success and growth! 


I committed to making my mental health a priority & started my Personal Development journey.

After attending a Tony Robbins seminar, watching 'The Secret', and developing my Medium/Psychic gifts, I decided 'enough was enough', and I started to get the help I needed to elevate myself, my business, and my life.

Everything started to shift and evolve when I understood that I could create my reality by changing my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which resulted in my intuition & Psychic abilities to skyrocket!  

The more I understood, the more connected to Source I became.

But, even though I was connecting to Source energy, there were still many moments of unbearable emotional distress & self-harm.


The truth was... I was sick mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. 

I felt trapped and stuck in my story. 
A prisoner to my past.

But, one day... everything changed. 

And that was the day I forgave myself and everyone and started to live by my truth. I found the courage and strength to begin to rewrite my story. 

Deciding to take my power back & rewrite my story meant I was going to have to do something big. Something that would feel uncomfortable. Something that was going to bring me out of this unfulfilling life. 

I was going to have to take massive action. Meaning I was going to have to:

Commit to hiring an expert coach.
Commit to doing the inner work.
And commit to taking massive action!


It was the tools I learned, my resilience, strength, determination, and connection with Source Energy that got me to where I am today. 

Now, as an expert Coach in Lifestyle, Mindset & Energy Work, I provide Personal Development Programs that take you from feeling tired, unmotivated, unfilled, and broke to feeling:


And rich! 


My courses are designed to enhance the quality of your life by teaching you how to get clear on your 



I will teach you the tools and offer you the guidance needed to skyrocket your clarity, confidence, and ability to take your life to the next level! 

If you're ready to embrace change, lean into fear, and experience some next level growth, then I invite you to apply to my Academy or book your 1:1, today! 

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