Learn to Meditate & 

Epically Align 

with your 2020 Vision

Are you looking to:

Decrease stress and anxiety,

Learn how to tap into and use your intuition,

Increase self-awareness, inner peace, and self-empowerment, or 

Learn how to reach your 2020 goals?

Then my 3-part Facebook Live Learn to Meditate Workshop is for you! 

Starting at 1:11pm on Monday, February 24th- Saturday, Feb 29th I will take you through a workshop that teaches you:

Three (3) guided Life Transformation meditations that aim to radically improve your life;

Techniques that enable you to balance your mind, body, and spirit; and

How to become epically aligned with your purpose.

The results?

Enhanced creativity, connection with your Higher Self, and EPIC alignment with your 2020 vision!


You’ll have more energy, drive, and passion to start living your best life!


Monday, Feb 24th at 1:11pm
Thursday, Feb 27th at 1:11pm
Saturday, Feb 29th at 1:11pm


Inside our FB Community Group!

Tune in to AWAKEN

Meditation has been used for thousands of centuries as a way to tune into Universal Wisdom and merge together the consciousness of the mind, body, and spirit

With your audio guided meditations, you will learn to harness your own power by tapping into and awaken your intuition. 


The recordings will guide you through deep and healing meditations that focus on the keys to achieving holistic balance:​

Key Elements 


-Quieting the mind to reduce stress and anxiety;
-Increasing self-empowerment, clarity, and confidence. 


-Using breath work to change your state;
-Fostering inspired action.


-Opening blocked chakras;
-Meeting and embodying your Higher Self.

When you merge the mind, body, and spirit, you become aligned and start gaining clarity on how to manifest your 2020 vision.


This workshop will teach you to anchor your goals in your deepest, wisest self so you can start creating a truly fulfilled and beautiful life!

Your experience includes:

Three (3) Facebook Live sessions with me, with live Q&A


Slides and journal prompts to reinforce what you learn in the workshop


Three (3) guided meditations to help you start harnessing the power of meditation (option for personalized meditations)


Lifetime access to a private Facebook community support group

Invest in yourself for 

$111 CAD

Upgrade your experience with your 

Personalized Life Transformation meditation

tailored to you and your 2020 vision for $12.22

Tune in to your inner guide and start living in alignment with your Higher Self.

Your time is now!

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