Sisterhood Self Expression Mastermind 

 July 6th-July 27th 2020

Intention. Integrity. Intuition

AWAKEN is a Self-Empowerment & Intuition Activation Mastermind that is designed to teach you how to activate and work with your Intuition and lead a life in your true Self-Expression.

Throughout our time together, I will hold space as your Medium to channel through whatever is there for you to receive.

I will guide you through a series of Meditations, Rituals, Activations and Exercises so you can create a connection to your Higher Self.

Having the perfect blend of Personal & Spiritual Development, AWAKEN will teach you how to become your version of a Modern-Day Mystic.

1st Activation:

Accessing the Universe Inside of You


  • Access the energy that has been blocked, shaded, and/or made to believe inaccessible to you.


  • Learn to use The Laws of the Universe to Manifest your desires

  • I will guide you through a Chakra Activation Meditation to begin to remove any stagnant energy from your aura.

2nd Activation:

Setting your Intentions


  • Discover who it is you wish to become.


  • Gain Crystal Clarity on what it means for you to receive abundance by discovering your ‘What' & 'Why’ and learning how to express yourself from a Heart Centered Space.

3rd Activation:

Healing Energetic Ties


  • I will guide you through a Cord Cutting Ceremony and teach you the ancient Hawaiian Practice for Forgiveness, Ho’oponopono.

  • To release and let go of all energetic wounds from this life and your past lives.

  • EFT Tapping 

4th Activation:

Working With Your Intuition


  • Improve the connection within yourself so you can develop a better listening and trust within.


  • Activate your Third Eye Chakra and become a master at Visualization and Manifesting.

  • Meet, Embody and Express your truth as your Higher Self  

​You will experience:

  • Sisterhood Support

  • Increased Intuition and Inner trust

  • Mental Clarity

  • Energy and Vitality

  • More happiness within yourself

  • Loving communication within yourself

  • Faster manifesting as you become a magnet to your desires

  • A deeper understanding of your truth

  • More meaningful relationships

  • More sexual and sensual bliss

  • More self-confidence & self-worth


  • 1 Energetic Activation Call

  • 4 Intuitive Development Group Calls

  • Access to Kara outside of the Group Calls

  • Workbooks for each Lesson

  • Meditations for:

  • Chakra Activation

  • Intention Setting

  • Forgiveness 

  • Meeting your Higher Self 

How it Works

  • 1 Weekly Sisterhood Group Call (4 Call)

  • 1 Energetic Activation Call

  • Access to me throughout the month

  • Lifetime Access to the Sisterhood Facebook Page 

  • Weekly Meditations 

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • 1 Celebration Ceremony at the end of the Mastermind

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